What We Believe


Our vision is for the Gospel to bring spiritual, relational, and cultural renewal to greater metro DC and the world.


Our mission is to glorify God by multiplying and maturing Christ-centered disciples who love God, one another, our local communities, and the world.

core values

  1. Christ Centered
  2. Counter-cultural
  3. City-positive
  4. Connected
  5. Collaborative
  6. Commissioned

Our LOGo

The Christ Central Presbyterian Church logo mark represents the foundation of our identity- Jesus Christ. The cross is at the center of the mark, just as the Gospel is at the center of who we are and what we do.

The Gospel changes everything. This is represented by the 2 concentric circles that emanate out from the cross.

The first inner circle around the cross is fractured, and it represents our church. We are a church of broken people who are being renewed and transformed by the Gospel.

The second outer circle represents the world, which is broken as well. The world is not what it was meant to be and needs the Gospel for healing, restoration, and shalom. And our mission is to bring the truth, beauty, and power of the Gospel to greater metro DC and the world.

The logo also identifies our church name. The cross represents “Christ”, the inner C represents “Central”, the P represents "Presbyterian", and the outer C represents “Church”.

ministries we support