Christ Central Presbyterian Church has a partnership with Emmaus Counseling and Consulting Services.


Emmaus Counseling and Consulting Services seeks to walk alongside persons (individuals, couples and families) facing burdens too heavy to bear on their own.  Its vision is to create a safe place to explore and name their story of brokenness and to walk towards hope, wholeness and redemption. The approach is to integrate Christian faith with counseling practices to address the whole person: emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and relational. 

As persons embrace their story of heartache and struggle in the safety of being known, they will be able to:

  • receive God’s love,
  • respond by loving God,
  • love others authentically, and
  • contribute meaningfully to their community.


Alice Kim is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Virginia.  She opened Emmaus Counseling and Consulting Services in 2008 to offer Gospel-centered therapy.  She finds deep fulfillment in engaging people’s stories and bearing witness to the good work of God to redeem and restore. 


Please feel free to contact Emmaus Counseling and Consulting Services directly at   / 703-939-1625, or to work through CCPC’s leadership for a referral.