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Christ Central encourages everyone to use their spiritual gifts to bless and serve their community. You will find serving opportunities through The City's "Service Opportunities" page, or by completing this volunteer form.

Children's Ministry

Children's Ministry is in need of teachers, teaching assistants and volunteers who can love and serve the children of Christ Central.

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Welcoming Ministry

The Welcoming Team is in need of Welcoming Team members who can serve the church by welcoming new comers and guests who come to visit our community. This ministry is vital in welcoming and connecting new comers to community groups and ministry...

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Shuttle Ministry

The shuttle ministry needs volunteers to pickup and shuttle our members and guests from the designated shuttle spots.

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Worship Ministry

Do you love to lead God's people in worshiping Jesus? We need vocalists, instrumentalists, sound, media, and video volunteers.

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Not Sure Where to Serve?

Let us help you find the perfect fit for your gifts!

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