Worship Ministry

All auditions are conducted using video submissions via YouTube and here is how it works:

       + Download the files in the "Audition Resources" for your instrument.

       + Learn your instrument part using the YouTube video and instrument up mix files located in the "Audition Resources".

       + Record your video playing to the file without your instrument (e.g. Glorious Day - No Drums) and post the link along with the requested info, in the form below.

Please view the following documents located in the "Audition Resources" for additional information and details:

  • Video Auditions How To.pdf
  • Instrument Breakdown.pdf
  • Audition Tips.pdf

Once you've recorded your video, please complete the worship ministry application form.

Please contact if you have any questions or if you would like to use the church equipment (e.g. drums, keyboard, etc.) for your audition recordings.

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